Saturday, March 07, 2009

Probably in the one room that needs air conditioning

Just a couple of quick notes. Still standing-room-only. Expecting some announcements later today that will definitely be newsworthy.

I spoke with Brian Fraley and with state DPI Superintendent candidate Rose Fernandez. Both are excited about the progress of the campaign. "Things are really starting to happen now," according to Fernandez. Fraley is excited about how the campaign is truly an independent campaign. He told me how they are getting die-hard Obama supporters in Milwaukee's central city to volunteer for the Fernandez campaign.

The hallway before the event resembled the lobby scene from Jerry Maguire.
I am waiting for someone to say,
But if anybody else wants to come with me, this moment will be the ground floor of something real and fun and inspiring and true in this godforsaken business and we will do it together! Who's coming with me besides...”Flipper" here?