Thursday, March 19, 2009

The power behind the throne speaks

President Obama's teleprompter, the TOTUS, is speaking out on his blog and on Twitter. On his blog he answers some questions from Rush Limbaugh:

"Teleprompter, in your opinion, how is President Obama doing so far?”
His pacing has been great, but he relies on the left-hand screen just a little too much. We're working on that through, shall we say positive reinforcement.

Did he convey the level of anger you hoped for regarding what you told him to say about AIG?
This was my bad. It’s tough to insert instructions, like [FROWN] or [SMILE], because in the heat of the moment, Big Guy might actually read it aloud, like "I am sorry [frown] that Senator Dodd and my Democratic colleagues on the Hill were singularly responsible for the AIG bonus protections." That would be embarrassing and possibly indicate to unsuspecting viewers that The Man was reading off a teleprompter. And we don't want that. And even if He did screw up, there is absolutely no truth to the rumor that there is an electronic-shock mechanism on the podium used when he makes those kinds of mistakes … so far as you know.