Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Curses! Our secret plan of world domination and making Scott Jensen ruler of the Earth has been discovered!

Milwaukee Magazine's Bruce Murphy stops his story corrections long enough to actually speak to someone at the secret lair of the MacIver Institute to try to find out the real identity of "Number 1":

In response to my story suggesting former Assembly Speaker Scott Jensen could become director of the newly formed MacIver Institute, Jensen wrote to say it’s not true. “I have a job I absolutely love at the Alliance for School Choice. They pay me well and I am passionate about my work there. I will not be leaving that post to take up any position at the MacIver Institute.”

Later, Jensen amended that somewhat, saying he is a consultant and his “main client” is the Alliance for School Choice. Jensen has done work for the group since at least 2006, when its federal tax form lists him as staff member working 38 hours a week and earning $126,045. In 2007, Jensen started a one-person consulting firm called Chartwell Strategic Advisors. Sure enough, the Alliance for School Choice tax form for 2007 dropped Jensen from the staff but added his Chartwell as a consultant, giving it $126,000.

How is it that this Washington, D.C.-based group added Jensen as a strategist?Perhaps because its former president (back when the group was called the American Education Reform Council) is Milwaukeean Susan Mitchell. Mitchell is still on the group’s board of directors. She also runs School Choice Wisconsin and has worked with Jensen and others to promote vouchers in this state.

Anyway, this seems to have left a little extra time for Jensen and Chartwell to help chart the course for the MacIver Institute.

Shocking! The horror! Scott Jensen is a consultant, and he actually is *gasp* CONSULTING FOR TWO ORGANIZATIONS! No wonder the left side of the Cheddarsphere is in a dizzy tizzy. Why, if this keeps up, Jensen will soon be consulting for three organizations! Then four! Then five!

Soon he will have a consulting operation active in every corporation and think tank in the world! And we'll have to clone him in our secret laboratories just to keep up with the number of consulting jobs. Eventually, there will be Scott Jensen clones everywhere talking about welfare reform, school choice, and cutting taxes. We'll be cloning Scott Jensens faster than Acorn can create fake voter registrations! By the time 2012 comes around, there will be enough Scott Jensens to elect Scott Jensen President of the United States.

And we're not only doing it here. We're making Scott Jensens in China and Russia. Even France! Every country in the world will soon be run by their own Scott Jensen! It's a spectacular plot to take over the world! And we almost got away with it!!!

(Have you ever noticed the political left in this state really is a bunch of paranoid ninnies?)