Monday, February 16, 2009

Unwanted endorsements

One of the hazards of running for office is the "unwanted endorsement." The endorsement from a person or entity with whom you would not wish to be associated under any circumstances.

For example, I am sure Dr. Van Mobley did not want to hear the kind words of John Nichols, one of the editors of the conspiracy newsletter, Capital Times.

Concordia University Professor Mobley is one of the most thoughtful contenders for statewide office this writer has encountered in many years. Mobley identifies as a conservative, but he is an adventurous thinker who pushes the envelope on a host of issues.

Pushes the envelope includes funding more spending in education with the sales tax, of course.

Meanwhile, Judge Koschnick was endorsed by his former client Ted Oswald. Oswald is currently serving a life sentence for killing a police officer, but its nice to know Oswald bears no grudges against his former attorney.

The Oswald endorsement has caused a curious reaction in former Madison Mayor Paul Soglin. Soglin apparently no longer believes in the right to legal representation, criticizing Judge Koschnick for "advising his convicted client not to cooperate with law enforcement officials who wanted to question the Oswalds about their role in other felonies. Despite Ted Oswald's life sentence with no opportunity for parole, Koshnick advised his client not to answer police officers' questions about other major crimes, including at least one attempted murder."

So much for the right to remain silent. Soglin only endorses silence for WMC for whom he would make it mandatory.

But tomorrow is an election day and there is a primary in Milwaukee in the 4th district school board race. Michael Mathias, liberal blogger and friend of this blog, is running against two other candidates on the ballot and incumbent Charlene Hardin off the ballot. Hardin is hoping to put in a good enough showing tomorrow to end up on the general election ballot.

Mathias and I rarely agree on anything but I'm going to make the rare Wigderson Library & Pub endorsement of Mike in tomorrow's election. For whatever it's worth, at least the MPS school board will have a thoughtful, intelligent, and honest member.

And that may be the best Milwaukee can ask for.

Update! 10:29 PM Illusory Tenant also questions Paul Soglin's comments.