Friday, February 06, 2009

That's "columnist on an award winning opinion page" to you

The Waukesha Freeman announced on Thursday they won "the secondplace award for general excellence in the Wisconsin Newspaper Association’s 2008 Better Newspaper Contest." The newspaper also announced, "First-place awards went to Lee Fensin for Sports pages, Jenny Sharp and Bill Yorth for Opinion pages, and Tina Chronister for overall page design. Chronister also won a third-place award for front-page design."

Congratulations to all of them for awards that are well-deserved.

In an editorial passing around praise for earning the awards, the Waukesha Freeman editorial board said,

First of all, we can’t say enough about the efforts of Freeman copy editor Jenny Sharp in organizing the content for the page. She is one of the many hardworking, behind-the-scenes people who make it all happen.

In other words, Jenny is the one who makes me look good, calls me when I forget to attach my column to my e-mail, and probably wonders out loud why Editor Bill Yorth ever agreed to let a blogger write a column for the newspaper. At least I'm on time.

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I hope you enjoy reading the columns as much as I enjoy writing them.