Saturday, February 28, 2009

Something to add to your calendar this morning

Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner and State Representative Bill Kramer will be at the Waukesha Public Library (aka the Taj Ma Larry) for a town hall meeting at 1:00 PM today. The massive explosion in federal and state spending will be the main topic today, although I'm sure both Sensenbrenner and Kramer will have more than a few things to say about Governor Doyle's taking of the money for the Real ID program.

As both the Badger Blogger and Lakeshore Laments reported, the state has been collecting the $10 fee per driver's license to institute the federally mandated Real ID. Now Doyle's raiding the money for the state budget.

Glenn Frankovis at Badger Blogger:

Jim Doyle has decided that he will not budget any money to comply with a federal anti-terrorism law even though the state has been collecting a $10 fee per driver’s license to do so for over one year amounting to about $12.5 million so far. Why? “Doyle said he expects the law to be overhauled now that his fellow Democrats control Congress and the White House”, or to put it in the new motto of the Democrat Party, BECAUSE WE CAN!

From Kevin at Lakeshore Laments:

It’s no secret to any Wisconsin political watcher that Governor Jim Doyle - a wholly owned subsidiary of WEAC - has hated the REAL ID Act from Day One. The only shocker is it’s taken him this long to finally attempt to worm his way out of it.

The fact he’s screwed the lot of us by taking the already paid fee money and is re-routing it for other budgetary purposes shouldn’t shock anyone. After all, this is a man who’s literally rewritten more laws with his powerful line-item veto than anyone in state history.

There’s two ways this will be handled. One will be either the Department of Homeland Security declaring the State of Wisconsin is in non-compliance, calling down the thunder if/when Congress lacks the time to make the changes Doyle believes are coming down the road.

The second is Jim Sensenbrenner raining down fury, because Doyle’s messing with one of his babies.