Thursday, February 12, 2009

Sensenbrenner endores democracy for the senate

Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner joined Wisconsin's junior senator Russ Feingold in supporting a constitutional amendment to require elections to fill senate vacancies. (I previously wrote about the issue for the Waukesha Freeman.) Sensenbrenner said in a statement:

"Wisconsin is one of only a handful of states that has never had a U.S. Senator appointed," Congressman Sensenbrenner said. "We have always filled our vacated seats with a special election, allowing the people to choose who they would like to represent them. Given the recent fiascos and horse-trading we've seen regarding some of the Senate appointments in Illinois, New York, Delaware, New Hampshire and Colorado, the time has come to close the appointment window. That is nothing to denigrate the people who have graciously agreed to serve in those positions, however, the people did not elect them, one person selected them."