Monday, February 23, 2009

Legislature full of boobs

Eating at your favorite local restaurant may be just a bit more eye-popping soon. The state senate is expected to take up the Topless Mom Act, a.k.a. the breast feeding everywhere bill.

The state Senate is expected to take up a bill Tuesday that bars anyone from bothering breast-feeding mothers.

The bill would protect mothers who breast-feed in public and private. Violators could faces fines of up to $200.

The bill has bipartisan support and looks like it has a good chance of getting through both the Senate and Assembly. Gov. Jim Doyle supports it.
We looked at the issue back in January in a column I wrote for the Waukesha Freeman about Facebook having the good taste not to allow the publishing of the bare-boobed mommas' bare boobs.
And speaking of restaurants, it wasn’t that long ago that women won the special right of being able to breast-feed publicly at Applebee’s when that restaurant chain backed down under threat of boycott. Of those women who are upset at the removal of their breast-feeding photos from Facebook, how many of them would be upset if someone took a photo of them breast-feeding their child at Applebee’s and posted it on a Web site?

I suspect they would be irate, and the public breast-feeding argument falls apart upon exposure.

Update! State Senate voted to let it all hang out. On to the state assembly.