Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Dolan loose in New York City

Kathryn Jean Lopez in National Review Online on Archbishop Dolan's debut at Mass today:

{Cardinal} Egan, echoing the gospel of the day, prayed that in the midst of economic and other sorrows— when “one can feel that somehow the Lord is not with us”—there would belief, not unbelief. He ended the sermon praying that the Lord “strengthen our belief” and guard us so “that we never fall into unbelief.” In an enthusiastic celebration, Egan reminded congregants and assured Dolan that Catholics of the archdiocese not only warmly welcome him but will be praying for him as he shepherds New Yorkers toward the hope that comes from that belief.

Egan included an obligatory joke among New York bishops about the warmness of the press at the start of the Mass.

For his part, Dolan rarely unclasped his hands in prayer during much of the Mass. The first public words he spoke here were lines of the Eucharistic Prayer during the Consecration. If the joy with which he concelebrated Mass and distributed Holy Communion this morning is any indication, he’s at home already. There is, after all, a Presence very familiar to him here.

The American Papist reports you can become a fan of New York's Archbishop Dolan on Facebook, or you can become a supporter, too.