Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Do superintendent candidates make you thirsty?

Conservative Young Professionals of Milwaukee are hosting a happy hour with three campaigns for state superintendent for the Department of Public Instruction.

Happy Hour Details:

Tuesday, February 10th
5:30-8:00pm (Speakers addressing group around 6:15 for 5 minutes a piece)
Bootlegger's (1023 N. Old World 3rd Street)

Speakers: Daniel Gabler (Candidate for Milwaukee County Judge) Candidates for Superintendent Van Mobley, Rose Fernandez (Brian Fraley standing-in)

I'm supposed to invite my friends, and since all of my readers are my friends...

Speaking of the race for the State Superintendent for the Department of Public Instruction* some more endorsements today. WEAC announced their endorsement of Tony Evers. From WEAC to Evers to Tax. So did the teachers from Planet Madison.

Meanwhile, the Fernandez campaign proudly announces they were not endorsed by WEAC.

“After they spent a few millions in a court and lobbying effort to try to close my children’s public school, I didn’t think I’d be their favored candidate in this race. But I gladly met with them and shared my thoughts on a variety of issues, and I appreciated their courtesy.

“I take a back seat to no one when it comes to support for good teachers. WEAC however, is obligated to support all teachers, regardless of their quality and commitment to children. With WEAC’s leadership, the focus is always on money. On that we have a fundamental difference. For me, everything is about children and learning. In that I have much in common with the actual members of the union. My support for merit pay, the QEO and School Choice, as well as my belief that homeschoolers should be left alone puts me at odds with WEAC, but not with all their members.

“Like any large organization, there is a diversity of opinion within the ranks of the union. Many union members have already pledged their support and for that I am most grateful.

“During their battle to stifle the innovation of public charter virtual schools, WEAC and I were adversaries. I was fighting for educational opportunities for thousands of public school children and would not back down. During the effort to save public online charter schools, I fought for the jobs of veteran, superb, licensed teachers when their union, ironically, sought to put them out of work.

I think that what often gets forgotten is that Fernandez was fighting WEAC to actually save the jobs of union teachers. It's a tremendous irony, but also partly explains why Fernandez was able to attract support from both sides of the aisle to save virtual schools.

Fernandez also announced today that she was endorsed by State Representative Leah Vukmir. I had almost forgotten that Vukmir first made a name for herself as an education reformer.
From the press release:

"Rose is a proven leader with the right balance of passion, courage and judgment to bring about real education reform in Wisconsin, and she has already demonstrated her ability to take on the establishment and do what is right for our children," said Vukmir. "Rose is a strong supporter of School Choice and she is not afraid to call for higher standards throughout our public schools, and of course I admire and respect her desire to focus on improving Wisconsin schools without pushing for increased sales or property taxes."

Prior to entering the legislature, Vukmir was an education reform advocate and president of Parents Raising Educational Standards in Schools (PRESS), a statewide organization committed to raising academic standards and increasing parental involvement in the school reform process.

* Seriously, I will endorse the candidate that proposes changing the title to, "State Education Superintendent."