Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Big bust in Dane County

No, not the breast-feeding bill in the state senate, a drug bust.

Members of the Dane County Narcotics and Gang Task Force intercepted a shipment of 70 pounds of marijuana as it arrived in Sun Prairie late last week, and that in turn led them to more marijuana in an east Madison apartment building, according to search warrant documents filed in court Tuesday.

According to the court filings, members of the task force were present Friday when a bus from Mexico arrived in Sun Prairie and watched as a man and a woman got off the bus and carried four duffel bags to the rear of a pickup truck waiting nearby.

The search warrant documents say the two individuals consented to a search of the duffel bags just as Madison Police Officer Denise Markham arrived with her drug-sniffing dog, Sadie. The dog indicated two of the bags had controlled substances in them, and the bags were searched and found to contain 35 pounds of marijuana each.

Any of them know State Representative Jeff Wood?