Monday, January 12, 2009

Steinmetz endorses Koschnick

Word comes from the Judge Koschnick for Supreme Court campaign that he has been endorsed by former Justice Donald Steinmetz. From the press release:

The Koschnick for Justice Campaign today announced the endorsement of former Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Donald W. Steinmetz.

Justice Steinmetz served on the State’s highest court with Justice Abrahamson from 1980 until 1999 after being elected for two ten –year terms.

“I am pleased to endorse Judge Koschnick in his run for the Wisconsin Supreme Court,” said former Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Donald Steinmetz. “Judge Koschnick’s excellence as a Circuit Court judge has been widely acknowledged. He is an able administrator and reformer; more importantly, his temperament and broad legal background inspire confidence that each party to appear in front of him will receive a fair hearing, and a decision in accord with the facts of the case and the governing law. I believe Judge Koschnick will make an excellent addition to the Wisconsin Supreme Court.”