Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Some inauguration notes

The latest reports are that Senator Kennedy is recovering from his inaugural lunch seizure.

Meanwhile, Senator Robert Byrd, seated at the same table as Kennedy and Vice President Biden, left the inauguration luncheon early, too. His spokesman denied there were any medical reasons, and that the senator was resting in his senate office.

So why did Byrd leave early? Did he want to get back to his comfy white robe, hood and slippers?

Can we please ban the public reading of poetry at presidential inaugurations? Some things are best left to be done in private. At least, any poem that includes patching a tire.

I asked on Twitter and Facebook for reaction from some people who watched it live.

Brian Dunbar: The poem was .. okay. The kind they made us learn in school instead of the good stuff.

Keith Conrad commented on both the poem and the John Williams piece:
I thought both were bad actually. But the poem was worse.

Ric Larson (Silent E):
If I transcribed about 5 minutes of random thoughts from my 6 year old, it would've been just about as interesting.

The Asian Badger may win the prize for the best comment:
Think Bryant Gumbel calling an NFL game.

Horse's Ass of the Day:
Congressman Jim Moran tried to pull a DYKWIA to get his wife into the Capitol while the area was in lock down.

Soon Moran stormed out of the building and angrily confronted the police officer looking at his wife and shouting, "Is this the one?" He then got in the officer's face and insisted that he did not know the proper procedure. Moran's wife was then allowed in the building under her husband's congressional escort.


HAotD Runners Up, the audience members that booed President Bush. Perhaps they should listen more closely when President Obama when he repeated that it was time to put away childish things. Or as Jay Nordlinger commented:

When I read that the crowd today booed President Bush — and then saw a video of it — I thought of a quip my friend Eddie made, not long ago: “When the Left asks for a classless society, now I know what they mean.”


Vice President Biden makes me miss Vice President Gore.


How do you hand out more tickets for an inauguration than you can handle? Thousands of people were turned away. At least they didn't invite themselves in.

Don't mess with Senator Clinton. Yep, she's still a senator because Senator Cornyn put a hold on her Secretary of State nomination. This led to a heated conversation today between the senators.

I can't decide if the person that comes up with the text for the links on CNN's website believes in The Force or believes we elected Moses. The wording of the link for the transcript to Obama's speech, "Obama raises hand, lifts a nation."