Saturday, January 03, 2009

Mathias says elections are answer to MPS, not problem

Mike Mathias, blogger and friend of this blog, is running for school board in Milwaukee against Charlene Hardin. He has an op-ed in tomorrow's Milwaukee Journal Sentinel arguing elections are not the problem of MPS.

Don't get me wrong: Every good idea for fixing MPS ought to be on the table, including lifting the residency rule for MPS teachers, adopting a uniform curriculum and increasing state aid for special education students.

But an appointed board would just exchange one political process for another - and could have the effect of leaving voters with little recourse if they don't like actions taken by the new body.

I respect Barrett and agree that MPS is in need of reform. But we shouldn't let a few bad apples on the board serve as an excuse for abandoning direct elections. Let voters sort it out.