Monday, January 12, 2009

City to condemn climate change

Ok, I think we're entering really silly territory. I just received an e-mail "Live Stream" alert from offering me live coverage of Milwaukee city leaders, including the mayor, discussing the coming cold snap. What are they possibly going to say? It's going to be real cold, so please don't bathe in the fire hydrants?

"It's going to be so cold you'll think it's January in Wisconsin."
"We just want to warn the public that when it gets really cold like this, running outside naked right after taking a shower is not a good idea."
"This is why mugging people at Mayfair is much more popular than mugging people at Bayshore."

I'm reminded of a classic line in the old sitcom, Taxi. "I know what's wrong with this cab. Winter."

I know, I know. We're going to get the usual warnings about pipes freezing, frost bite, exposure, and unattended space heaters. I have a suggestion. Just roll last year's tape.