Monday, December 29, 2008

Zoning? We have something called zoning?

Darryl Enriquez for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is reporting a proposed shelter has been delayed because of something called "zoning."

Bernie Juno, executive director of the Hebron House of Hospitality, just said that plans to open a shelter for single men at St. Matthias Episcopal Church, 111 Main St., are now on hold until it can get a zoning variance from the city.

Apparently, there's no zoning that allows shelters, so Hebron House must present its plans to the Board of Zoning Appeals on Jan. 14, she said.

I wonder what is this "variance" of which Darryl speaks. Does the city council know about it?

Next somebody will tell me we actually have a definition in this "zoning" for parkland. Wouldn't that be neat?