Wednesday, December 31, 2008

This will make a few NFL coaches nervous

Mike Shanahan was fired by the Denver Broncos. I can't imagine he'll be unemployed very long. Even teams that like their current coaches might take a look at Shanahan, especially if they're confident in their GM. Or if the owner makes all the personnel decisions.

Update! Great minds think alike.

Unlike Cowher and Holmgren, who both want to buy the groceries, Shanahan can’t do that right now. Shanahan’s biggest problem as a coach was Shanahan the general manager. He botched the draft and self-destructed in free agency. Shanahan also mangled his defense year after year by changing coordinators at the drop of a hat.

In that way, he fits with Jones, who refuses to give up control over personnel. Not that Jones has been brilliant with the draft or free agency (he has yet to win a playoff game since Johnson was picking the players), but there’s no question that the Cowboys are a talented bunch. This is the same team that went 13-3 in 2007 and looked like it could roll to the Super Bowl before being upset by the New York Giants.

In other words, even if Shanahan wanted to be in charge of players, there isn’t much for him to do. Dallas is ready-made to win.

Jerry can always say he never imagined Mike Shanahan would be available.