Saturday, December 13, 2008

Rose Fernandez expected to announce for Wisconsin DPI on Wednesday

Rose Fernandez, President of Wisconsin Coalition of Virtual School families is expected to announce her candidacy for Wisconsin Superintendent of Public Instruction on Wednesday, December 17th, according to a new Twitter identity she has set up. The site indicates an announcement is expected on December 17th, and her bio says,"Soon to be candidate for Superintendent of Wisconsin DPI."

Fernandez is best known for her role in forcing the legislature and the governor to act when an appeals court ordered virtual schools to stop operations in Wisconsin. She marshalled enough support for her cause from around the state to pressure normally WEAC-sympathetic members of the legislature to agreeing to change the law to allow the virtual schools to remain open.

Fernandez has also launched a new website with the slogan, "Let's Change DPI." The website also promises Fernandez will make her candidacy official on the 17th and gives her supporters a place to download her nomination papers for circulation.

I previously wrote about a probable Fernandez candidacy in the Waukesha Freeman in October.