Friday, December 12, 2008

Obama team should bring back the Greek columns

No wonder they're too busy to answer questions about contacts with Governor Blagojevich. President-elect Obama's transition team is busy trying out interior decorators.

The Obama Team has clearly given some thought to making the settings of president-elect's addresses seem presidential; there's been a real evolution of the settings.

For the first, on November 15, Mr. Obama sat before a boring oak wall. An American flag, legal books, and a plant were present in the background.
A week later, on November 21, the Obama Team thought it might be better to put the President-elect in front of a window.

The basketball was put away; the flag and legal books joined him.

A lamp and photograph were added, along with what can only be described as a rather exuberant plant.

ABC news even has the pictures of each version of "The Office of the President Elect." I wonder if PEBO's staff has tried to re-position the sun to give The Obama more of a halo effect.