Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Not exactly good advertising for Mayfair Mall

WTMJ 4 has the video of a large fight in the middle of Mayfair Mall.

The big-time brawl happened inside the "Wet Seal" teen clothing store at Mayfair Mall last Friday, one of the busiest shopping days of the year. It left the store in shambles and shoppers stunned.

"It's disturbing," said parent Melissa Krotts. "It's sad. It's very bad."

Wauwatosa police say the video shows Areinio Green lunged at another man and punched him in the face. A fight that spilled into the store where a half dozen more people jumped in as store employees and customers looked on-seemingly in disbelief-before running for the door.

Of course the fight started at a store that is targeting teenagers. Here's what gets me. One of the brawlers actually fled in his car and had to be pursued by police. Despite this, and despite trashing a store, the participants in the fight were just issued municipal citations.

Does Wauwatosa take security seriously at the mall?