Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Milwaukee Common Council says no to hot dog stand

The Khan family will not be able to re-open Judy's Red Hots at 2635 W. Kilbourn Ave in Milwaukee. The Milwaukee Common Council voted 14-1 against them tonight.

I understand the neighborhood's concerns regarding the unsavory characters that frequented the hot dog stand under the old owners. Pimps, whores and drug dealers gotta eat, too.

But in all seriousness, I have to believe some security compromise could have - and should have - been worked out. I cannot believe that it's somehow better to have a vacant building and a vacant lot attracting graffiti, vagrants and loiterers.

I also have to wonder if the new owners' last name was other than "Khan" how many of the local residents would have had no objections.

But if the Khans are looking for a new location, the former Niko's Gyros is still empty, has plenty of parking, and a much more tolerant city council. I bet the Waukesha mayor would even show up for the ribbon-cutting ceremony and the first hot dog.

Make mine with chili, mustard, extra onions, and a Kosher spear instead of relish.