Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Jeff Wood's third arrest for OWI

State Representative Jeff Wood was not telling the whole truth when he was being interviewed by WAYY-AM.

WAYY: Was this first time OWI for you, Jeff?

JW: Not exactly. When I was a teenager I got drinking and driving, but it's been over twenty years.

As the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is reporting, and as the arrest report reveals, this is actually Wood's third arrest for OWI. The other two were in 1990 and 1991. As Wood is 39-years-old, he was 21 and 22, and the arrests were less than 20 years ago.

Given the anger surrounding the arrest when it was thought this was a first-time arrest, what will be the reaction of Wood's constituents now it is revealed this is actually the third time?

Wood's court date is January 26th.

By the way, here is his interview with TV 18 in Eau Claire:

The report is clearly made with the assumption this was Wood's first conviction.

If nothing else, I think Wood should be removed from office for repeated use of the word, "dranken."