Friday, December 19, 2008

Got my car out of the snow drift

Only cost me several gallons of gas, some burned tires, and one bottle of wine.

I came home this morning at 7:30 AM (long story) and our street was not plowed. I could not build enough momentum to get into my driveway. So I parked on the street, came in for orange juice and a muffin and to talk to my wife, and then I went out to clear the driveway. While clearing the driveway so I could park my car, the snow plow came. That's right - he plowed me in on the side of the street.

When my wife came home tonight, we dug my car out (and the driveway again) just in time for my neighbor to return with his tow chain.

My shoulders are sore from pushing the snowblower (which was not made for this kind of snowstorm) and I'll probably be stiff tomorrow. The kids want to build a snow man and a snow fort tomorrow.

By the way, I found where the glaciers from Greenland have drifted to: