Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Going to the inauguration? Get a room

Rooms are so scarce in Washington D.C., they're being auctioned on Ebay.

Some things to note This is ONLY for the transfer of the reservations from my name and credit card to your name AND credit card. You must in addition pay the full costs of room, tax and incidentals and all travel costs and live by all the hotel's policies. Once the transfer is made successfully to you, I will have NO responsibility for the reservation including if you fail to show up or try to change the reservation and lose the rates as they are currently booked. Only Pay Pal will be accepted as payment. Once the winning bid is made and payment is made, we will work together to transfer the reservation to your names.

The reservation is for a 9 night stay the entire week of the inauguration of Barack Obama. The hotel is 14 miles door to door to the White House, in Falls Church, VA and just a quick hop to the train.

Estimated government taxes and fees 16.61
Total for stay (per room) 1,810.49
Total for stay for (all rooms) 3,620.98 (if you win both rooms)

That's a lot of money, plus you have to win the auction. The coins are a lot cheaper.