Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Former Speaker Huebsch wishes Jeff Wood was still a Republican

Former Assembly Speaker Mike Huebsch told the Chicago Sun-Times Rep. Jeff Wood showed "remarkably poor judgement" when he was arrested for drunk driving.

Rep. Mike Huebsch, the former Republican speaker who clashed with Wood, said the lawmaker showed "remarkably poor judgment" in driving drunk.

"And you can't explain the illicit drugs," Huebsch said. "That's inexplicable as to why he had them, what he was doing with them, what he was thinking."

At the same time, he said he wished Wood would not have chosen to leave the Republican Party.

Is Huebsch serious? What pipe is he smoking? Instead of wishing Wood was still in the Republican Party, Huebsch should have said, "I think it's a sad end to a strange political career, and the quicker Wood resigns the better it will be for the legislature and Wisconsin."