Friday, December 26, 2008

Falk opponent has speech reviewed by WMC agent

If there's a lesson here, it's double-check your Word documents before you send them out.

Later that same day, Mistele sent the text of her speech to media and others, as a word document, from her personal email.

If you save this word file to desktop and check "Properties," then "Summary," an interesting thing happens: The listed title of the document comes up as "PUGH."

Pugh who? Jim Pugh, the spokesman for Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce, the "nonpartisan" big-business lobby that backs mainly Republican candidates?

That's the fact, Jack.

"Here's the situation," explains Mistele campaign manager Jon Horne. "When Nancy was drafting her announcement, she considered input from Jim Pugh, who is a personal friend of Nancy's and has no position in our campaign. Nancy writes her own speeches, and her announcement was no exception."
Fine in a Republican primary, not so good when running for Dane County executive.

(Ht: Critical Badger)