Monday, December 15, 2008

"At one time he struck a sign and continued."

More on the arrest of State Representative Jeff Wood from the Chippewa Herald:

Wisconsin State Patrol Captain Charles R. Teasdale, commander at the Southwest Region post at DeForest, said the arrest came after a motorist notified State Patrol of a possible drunk driver on the interstate highway.

Teasdale said a preliminary report says the vehicle was weaving on the road, onto the shoulder and back into the lane of traffic.

“At one time he struck a sign and continued,” Teasdale said. A crash report will be filed, he said.

The trooper, identified as Andrew Rau, stopped the vehicle on westbound Interstate 90/94 just north of the interchange in which Interstate 39 splits off, near mile marker 102, Teasdale said.

Wood was arrested for first offense drunk driving, possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia, said Teasdale, who added that he did not know the nature of the drug paraphernalia or where the marijuana was located.

“It was from search incident to arrest, but I don’t know if he had it on his person or in the vehicle,” Teasdale said.

Meanwhile, the first calls for Wood's resignation from office are coming in the comments at the Chippewa Herald:

" This guy can't make the right decision about whether or not to drive when he's been drinking...

He can't make the right decision about whether or not to avoid illegal drugs. The same drugs that we preach at our kids to stay away from...

Yet we are supposed to PAY HIM to make decisions for us in Madison.

I don't think so. Resignation please. "

And another one:

" Mistakes are made by everyone, yes. But we must hold our representatives to a higher standard. The choices Wood made were horrible and thankfully no one aside from a sign was hurt or worse.
I agree, it's time to step down. "

And finally:

" Innocent until proven guilty...but, he is in a public office and if he had marijuana, this must not be the first time he used that drug.
The credibility is gone. He has done good for us but Jeff has made a mistake that will tarnish his work prior to this and from on in government.
Sorry Jeff, it is time to step down. "

According to the Leader-Telegram, Wood has no intention yet of stepping down. However, what he told AM 790 WAYY in Eau Claire may make some of his constituents wonder about his fitness to serve:

Wood did not immediately return phone messages left at his home and office. He told Newstalk 790 WAYY, a radio station in Eau Claire, that he had no plans to step down. He also tried to explain how marijuana ended up in his car.

"Somebody offered me some and I took it, and for whatever stupid reason got in my car and decided to drive home," he told the station.