Friday, November 28, 2008

Wisconsin residents say don't raise taxes on business

A poll by the Wisconsin Policy Research Institute, inc., and Diversified Research surveyed over 600 Wisconsin residents and found 73% were opposed to raising taxes on business.

Wisconsin residents oppose raising taxes on business profits by a range of 73% opposing it while only 19% supported raising taxes. These are among the key findings about statewide policy issues from the most recent survey of 600 Wisconsin residents conducted by the Wisconsin Policy Research Institute, Inc. and Diversified Research between November 9 and 10, 2008.

Geographically, the most support for raising taxes came from LaCrosse where 33% of the respondents supported it and Madison where 25% were in agreement. Among Republicans only 10% favored raising taxes on businesses, while 25% of Democrats agreed. Ideologically, 31% of Liberals said they would favor raising taxes on businesses, only 9% of Conservatives agreed with that.

It would be interesting to see is a map of results and compare it to the election results from earlier this month. But a quick look at this chart would seem to indicate just how much the GOP brand reputation of fighting taxes must have fallen.