Sunday, November 02, 2008

Time to put your 83 cents in

The Republican Party is hosting an event tomorrow in Waukesha to criticize Senator Obama for not paying women equally.

Women for McCain-Palin

Join us to tell the truth about Obama’s Unequal Compensation for Women!

Barack Obama pledges to create federal laws prohibiting pay disparity in America… yet he seems to have missed his own Senate office.

Obama pays female employees just 83 cents to every dollar a man makes or an average of $9,000 less per year. As Women and as Americans we deserve better!

Join us Monday at 9:30am in holding up your 83 cents, as we ask Obama why equality doesn’t start at home? Women deserve to receive equal pay not just Obama’s “two cents.”

Where: Waukesha Victory Center
(1701 N Pearl St; Waukesha, WI 53186)

When: Monday, November 3, 9:30am

Who: Women who deserve equal pay for equal work

Questions: Jennifer (608) 359-6305