Saturday, November 01, 2008

Or maybe you want someone to steal your yardsign

An alternative newspaper in Seattle, The Stranger, decided to post the addresses of local homes that have Republican yard signs. Obviously this is not an attempt at intimidation, and I'm sure those homes will not receive any threats or vandalism between now and the election from nice, tolerant political lefties.

Of course, the joke about firing a shotgun at a local Republican politician might be a bit unsettling for the occupants of those homes. Then there's this bit about one of the homes:

Like an oversized cousin of John McCain's aged, brown iguana teeth, this foreboding fence is busy keeping immigrants out and Jesus's love within. How like the wily immigrant is the frightening foliage, as it insidiously creeps and scratches at Real America's doorstep! How mighty the speculum of Dino Rossi—an army of dead-baby ghosts at his back—aborting civil rights before civil rights can abort him first! Who knows what liberal bogeymen lurk outside this fence's cherished sanctum? The nightmare has just begun for you, Republican fence.

Cheerful, eh?

Update!The Stranger apparently redirected the traffic back to Drudge and has hidden the story. However, here's their blog post about their story. Notice the editor objects to having his address released. (Warning, language.)

Yes, there was some ambivalence in the office about printing the addresses. We had a debate. The pro-address-printers won.

Yes, I would print my address online in a spirit of fairness and shut-the-fuck-up-edness. But I live with other people who shouldn’t be subjected to the rage of our readers—who, judging by the comments thread, would be far more likely to come egg my house than egg those McCain supporters’ houses.

No, we don’t hate these people. But we are afraid of what they believe in.

No, The Stranger is not against free speech.

And for anyone who thinks we secretly want somebody to go vandalize those houses—seriously, don’t. It was just a joke.