Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Natives are getting restless already

Ed Garvey is looking for "change" and not seeing any.

But if friends don't let friends drive while drunk or vote Republican, then FOO--Friends of Obama--must, at a minimum, ask what the hell is happening on Iraq and the new quagmire Afghanistan?

Haven't heard boo about either unwinnable war or have we? Hillary "Hawk" Clinton at State, Gates to stay on for a year at least, Rahm "Super Hawk" Emanuel as Chief of staff. And, no real changes at CIA or NSA.

Peace advocates complained with good reason that W.wouldn't listen to our stop the war rallies. Is it time for FOO to find out if the president-elect is listening?

Note that Garvey and the like will not be happy until the War on Terror is abandoned entirely, including in Afghanistan. I expect Garvey's disappointment is just beginning.