Sunday, November 02, 2008

I say hang the yard sign thieves with a rope

Fred Dooley reports on a Racine County resident who was not going to let the yard sign thieves steal his McCain signs.

The guy looks at me and starts running across the street. When I rounded the house (in my bath robe, mind you) I noticed a white jeep. I left the chase for the guy and ran towards the jeep as I was trying to see the plate number. The lights were off on the truck so I could not see the license plate. Once the driver realized what was going on he put his foot on the gas and took off down the road. I turned around ran inside (put some clothes on) and then called the police. I jumped in my truck and went around the block. I found the jeep one block away picking the other guy up.

I then called the police back and followed the truck, about 8 blocks away the cops caught up to me and pulled the Jeep over. Inside were two while males who looked to be in their young 20's. The police pulled two of my signs out of the Jeep. The officer came back and asked me, "What would you like done?"

I stated, "I want them to go to jail."

My question, for how long? It's not like we're going to be able to connect these guys to Obama with some Democratic version of G Gordon Liddy directing them.

Seriously, I just want to assure my neighbors and the local police department I have no intention of chasing anyone stealing yard signs clad only in a bathrobe.