Sunday, November 09, 2008

Hot dog, anyone?

When Waukesha Mayor Larry Nelson says, "Waukesha is open for business," perhaps he should follow that up with a phone call to Muhammad Nasir Khan. Khan is trying to open a hot dog store in Milwaukee but is being stopped by Alderman Bob Baumann.

You would think a city that just passed a sick leave ordinance in a county planning on tripling the sales tax would welcome almost any business with open arms. Especially one at 27th and Kilbourn.

But despite Khan's track record in Milwaukee for owning and operating restaurants Baumann is stopping the hot dog store from operating because previous owners of the hot dog store have had problems. According to Patrick McIlheran, Baumann has been consulted since Khan began the process of renovating the store. Rather than see if Khan can turn things around in that location, Baumann is determined to kill thestore, and was even willing to politicize Milwaukee's health department to do it.

Complain what you will about Michael McGee Jr, at least a well-timed contribution would have greased the way. Baumann's only response is to tear down the store.

Perhaps Khan would consider opening a hot dog stand in Waukesha? Niko's Gyros is still vacant and, unlike Milwaukee, our aldermen have a much friendlier view of local businesses.