Monday, November 10, 2008

Eugene Kane could use one of them editor thingies

Eugene Kane lets anybody unhappy with Obama's election as president know exactly where they stand,

It turns out the national director of the Klan recently posted comments on a KKK website that predicted Barack Obama's victory could actually be a boon in terms of mobilizing more white Americans to their cause. In fact, the Klan director said he thought Obama was a "mulatto" which meant he wasn't really African-American.

Amazing, these idiots still exist and have a voice. But the truth is many Americans who don't belong to the KKK are also expressing their extreme dissatifaction - even disgust - with the Obama victory. It seems to me these folks are playing a dangerous game by appearing to be on the same side as the hard-core racists who still support the KKK.

The danger referred to by Kane is that you will be tarred with the KKK by Kane-like columnists.

Amazingly, this idiot's column still exists and he has a blog.