Thursday, November 20, 2008

Baseball at the Frame

From the Waukesha Freeman:

“I think this project will make the park even more beautiful than it is today,” {Mayor Larry} Nelson said.

The mayor wears Crocs. So much for his sense of aesthetics.

Ron Grall, director of the Waukesha Parks, Recreation and Forestry Department, said Bauer, his department and the city have been looking at options so users of the park, the Schuetze Recreation Center and the Rotary Building, will have parking available to them during baseball games.

“We feel confident we can monitor parking and accommodate general park users during games,” Grall said.

It was "parking" that put the "p" in Pewaukee. (By the way, notice that mayor is in favor of building the stadium here.)

Marty Larson questioned why important details like parking are still being addressed in the final stages of the process.

“It seems like you’re saying, ‘We’ll address that as issues come up,’” he told the commission. “I thought this was the final plan and it should have those details in it.”

Or in other words, this is the Planning Commission, right?

The city, which will maintain ownership of anything Bauer builds, will also make some money in the deal, getting $25,000 for naming rights to the field and a certain amount from ticket sales.

Even in this depressed real estate market, what does prime riverfront property go for these days? Perhaps we can get Waste Management to buy the naming rights. "Waste Management Field at Frame Park" has a nice ring to it.

Bauer said some work will take place soon at the park, weather permitting. He said the taking down of the old light towers will probably be one of the first tasks.

He also said holding a contest to come up with a name for Waukesha’s team could begin as soon as next month.

I'm holding out for the Waukesha Wiggys.

(Ht: Spring City Chronicle)