Wednesday, October 08, 2008

The Wisdom of Jay Bullock

Jay Bullock occasionally allows something truthful to appear at his blog. Like during a spirited but inadequate defense of ACORN:

Dan, as I read the timeline, ACORN began flagging bad regs for the state late last year. It is possible the state identified some that slipped by ACORN, but that's why the state has the big databases and ACORN doesn't. [emphasis added - jw]

Good to know even Jay Bullock is in favor of cross-checking voter registrations even if doing so will disenfranchise every African American, senior citizen, Muslim, Latino, Homosexual, school teacher, public employee union member, Milwaukee Common Council member, and newspaper editor in the state.

Of course, in Wisconsin we're not allowed to check those big databases if the registration beat the GAB deadline in August. Gosh, I hope there are no problems with ACORN here.

Then there was this follow-up:

Dan, no enterprise in the country would promise to pay its workers regardless of production.

Well, except in Jay's own profession teaching in a Milwaukee Public School.