Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Voted most likely not to get the Chamber of Commerce endorsement

Democratic state assembly candidate Ruth Page Jones must not have thought much of the Waukesha Chamber of Commerce. Her campaign is either completely out of typing paper or they filled out the Chamber's questionnaire over a couple of lattes at Sprizzo's.

I'm surprised they didn't answer in crayon. (Click on the pictures to see full-size.)

Does this mean she really did not want their endorsement? Didn't care?

My favorite is question four:

4. Taxes and spending: The state budget historically experiences ever increasing structural deficits, and growing expenditures.
a. Being specific, how would you bring the state budget back into balance?
(Jones, handwritten) Grow the economy by investing in growth industries + rebalance taxes.

How's that for specifics?

State Representative Bill Kramer's answers are also on-line.