Thursday, October 23, 2008

Virtual schools and the 97th assembly district

In a race with real clear philosophical differences, Ruth Page Jones really had no reason to drag virtual schools into the 97th Assembly campaign. I made a bold prediction in my Waukesha Freeman column this morning. I said,

So we all agree that virtual schools are important to the students enrolled, to the entire Waukesha School District and even the entire state educational system. Then how is it productive for the Democratic candidate for the state assembly to complain about the time spent by Waukesha’s representative to the Assembly defending Waukesha’s IQ Academy?

Perhaps instead of attacking Kramer for supporting virtual schools Jones could spend her time attacking her fellow Democrats for their efforts last year to destroy this important piece of the educational system. Perhaps it would have been more appropriate for her campaign literature to call upon the governor and the Democrats to lift the enrollment caps they imposed last year and allow this great educational experiment to flourish.

In a campaign with such clear philosophical differences between Jones and her opponent there really is no excuse for this type of attack when the only purpose could be to stir up animosity through misinformation and misdirection.

I predict Jones will learn on Nov. 4 the voters of Waukesha have higher standards than this.