Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Off their feed

The Waukesha Republican Party met last night at the Country Springs Hotel where fortunately nobody drowned their sorrows literally. My spies tell me there was a decided lack of energy and enthusiasm at last night's "Grazing with the Elephants 2008". Not a good sign for Senator McCain's chances this November.

We'll see if the enthusiasm can be made up by the crowd attending Thursday's McCain-Palin visit which is not in Pewaukee but is actually being held at the City of Waukesha's sports complex. No, not Frame Park, the other sports complex.

Center Court Sports Complex
815 Northview Boulevard
Waukesha, WI 53188
(414) 326-4250

Apparently only events making the Waukesha GOP calendar are at the Country Springs Hotel. All other nominally GOP events must find someplace else.

What's really great about McCain-Palin town hall meeting is that it finally gives Waukesha Mayor Larry Nelson an opportunity to welcome such distinguished visitors to our city at an event that will bring Waukesha so much publicity and national recognition. And we can't wait for City Administrator Lori Luther to show her security savvy at a presidential campaign event once again.

(Note: the Badger Blog Alliance has all of the details for Thursday's events.)