Thursday, October 23, 2008

Looking for a fair and balanced textbook

Reince Priebus on Fox News talking about the controversial text book in Racine with a section celebrating The Obama. From the transcript:

Play from 2:00[play from 2:00]" when you're done things and run they said in day they said they put they put this together. And ordered this before Barack Obama became a presidential candidate which is which would explain why they don't have the other presidential candidate in there they say that I want to get it right they say. The choice of the selection was to provide a contemporary and multi cultural figure to explore the unit. On the community in this advanced English class."

Play from 2:32[play from 2:32]" Well I'm sure there's a lots of people that would fit that description in America mangan and as you know Barack Obama's been running for president Since he gave that speech four years ago at the democratic convention. And not surprisingly as you pointed out the book and it it entails pictures of Barack Obama -- Signs. Behind him everybody knows he's been running for president since he won the US senate spot and maybe even before that for all we know. We just said it had enough of this -- and we're looking at the publishers of this book that contributors of this book. Where their money is -- over the past ten years whether there in fact Democrats that are Barack Obama supporters were not done looking into this. They got it stinks of unfairness and you know had enough."