Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Last night's debate trivia

The Waukesha Freeman covers most of it. Between traffic and parking I was a half-hour late. Pretty good since I only found out about 1 1/2 hours before. Press releases must be a thing of the past.

Things of note:
1) If you had no idea who was the Republican and who was the Democrat in the room, it would not have taken you long to find out. There was a clear difference in philosophy.

2) Ruth Page Jones is not a comfortable public speaker.

3) Sixty seconds is really too short for an answer.

4) The cookies and lemonade in the back of the room were pretty good. Booze and hot sandwiches would have increased turnout.

5) Look Bill! An event away from the Country Springs hotel!

6) Waukesha Freeman editor Bill Yorth is still tall, handsome and extremely smart. (suck up - check)

7) Mayor Larry Nelson fashion report: orange Crocs with orange shirt. Halloween is coming.

8) Republican Bill Kramer's table was handing out Democrat Ruth Page Jones' education mail piece. No, really.

9) Ruth Page Jones had more supporters there. The college kids liked Bill Kramer.