Sunday, October 12, 2008

I'd rather look at John McCain's poll numbers

It didn't take long. Tim McMahon at the Dallas Morning News has the first call for a new head coach:

I'm sure Wade Phillips will point out a few positives, starting with how the Cowboys fought back when hope appeared lost, but the facts are that the Cowboys have lost two of three games and played poorly in the lone win during that stretch.

The Cowboys were lucky that they had any chance to beat the Cardinals this afternoon. From the opening kickoff, which Arizona's J.J. Arrington returned for a touchdown, the Cowboys made mistake after mistake after mistake.

That isn't necessarily surprising. After all, the Cowboys spent the week making excuses for an ugly win before dealing with distractions caused by Adam "Pacman" Jones' stupidity.

This is a team that considers itself a Super Bowl contender, but it sure isn't playing or acting like one. Anybody have confidence that admitted softie Wade Phillips can right the ship?

Unfortunately, I only caught the awful end of the game so I'll have to read the blogs and the newspapers to catch up. But I can guarantee this. There's some yelling in Dallas tonight, and it ain't, "How 'bout them Cowboys?" More likely it's, "Where's our goddam Super Bowl team?"

Oh, and by the way, if you picked the Cowboys in your pool, I do not own the Cowboys. I do not coach the Cowboys. And I do not play for the Cowboys. I do not pick their players. I don't even audition their cheerleaders. If you're a degenerate gambler that bet on the Cowboys, you lost. Do I complain about "your Packers" when I lose money on them? (And you probably own their worthless stock.)