Sunday, October 26, 2008

Halloween Trick or Treat update

We did our annual peregrination to West Allis today to the home of the in-laws for Trick or Treat. Any community that would schedule Trick or Treat nearly a full week before Halloween is just stupid in my opinion, but it worked for our schedule this year. But this being the Year of The Obama, where voting early and often is actively encouraged, disguising oneself for early and often Trick or treat is par for the course.

Speaking of The Obama, what was with the homes with the Obama yard signs just sticking a bowl outside with a note saying, "Take one." If they want people in West Allis (a swing community) to vote for The One his supporters better fork over some candy. And good stuff, too. I'm talking Twix bars and Snickers, not pennies and plastic spider rings.

The most interesting item the kids received were plastic pencil sharpeners in the shape of a skull. Because nothing says Halloween like giving small razors to small children.

My son has the routine down this year: don't walk on the lawn, say trick or treat, say thank you. My daughter is pretty good, too, if a little over excited. But I had to laugh at my son's impatience when once again somebody decided to play, "Guess the costume." Look lady, just give 'em the candy so we can go. Gotta lot of houses to hit in a two hour workday.

Okay, maybe it was me that was a little impatient.