Monday, October 27, 2008

Free Zero, day 14

Apparently singing the Obama song and other enticements wasn't enough for Zero. The Milwaukee County Zoo's polar bear fell into the moat in front of his habitat 14 days ago and has not shown much interest in leaving.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is reporting that a crane-lowered trap will be used to capture the bear and return him to his habitat. A giant crate will be filled with the bear's favorite goodies. When the bear climbs in, the door will shut behind him. Then the crane operator will lift the bear up to where he belongs.

"The hope is he'll go in there after the treats and the crate will close behind him when his whole body is in the crate," said zoo spokeswoman Jenny Diliberti. "Then we will wait until the zoo closes and the crane operator will come back, and Zero and the crate will be hoisted up into his yard."

Why after hours? Because doing it during the daylight might draw a crowd? Even increase attendance?