Friday, October 31, 2008

A few personal notes this morning

Mary Kilzer passed away this week. The mom of our neighborhood friends who was more than generous with her time. Her house was often the gathering place for the neighborhood children, even well into our teenage years. To Kurt, Joel, and Steve, my deepest sympathy.

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reporter Dave Doege passed away last Saturday. I never met him but once sat on a panel with his wife, Gretchen Schuldt who blogs at Milwaukee Rising. She's posted a friend's remembrance of her husband's life. Our sympathies to Gretchen.

Our prayers go out to Elderberry Dumbell, the sister of Spring City Chronicle scribe Huckleberry Dumbell. We wish her a speedy recovery from bypass surgery.

Finally, congratulations to Liz Stewart-Pirone who announced she has passed the License to Steal exam in Ohio and is a practicing member of the bar. While she is {ahem} a Democrat, we suspect Ohioans will be well-served by this new attorney. And congratulations to her husband Joe Stewart-Pirone who is now well on his way to the punitive redistribution level of taxation.