Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Dana Milbank's nasty little propaganda piece

If Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank is wondering why "journalists" are so unpopular at Governor Palin events, maybe Milbank should re-read his attack piece on Governor Palin.  Milbank, perhaps upset at the reception a few journalists received at the recent event, purposely inserted quotes from unstable people in the audience in an effort to link in the mind of the reader their remarks to what Palin said.  It's crude propaganda, unfortunately effective because he has the good name of the Washington Post backing him.

What is especially frustrating about Milbank's hit piece is how little actual connection exists between Palin and the couple of anonymous cranks in her audience while the media either ignores or badly attempts to explain away Senator Obama's relationship with the violent radical Bill Ayers.

Update! I wonder what Dana Milbank and those that are aghast at the remarks of a couple of cranks at a campaign stop think of something like this? Would this constitute Palin hatred fostered by Obama? And should the Secret Service get involved?