Monday, September 08, 2008

Not to keep beating a dead horse, but...

Jay Bullock has been running around frantically to every conservative bloggers' comments section trying to claim the story that the Democrats would just throw out thousands of flags used at their convention can't possibly be true. A few commenters here have echoed that sentiment, and then cited as evidence:

1) The Huffington Post.
2) The past sins of Carl Cameron.
3) The denial by the DNC.

As always, do you believe the DNC, or do you believe your own eyes?

Now, I had thought the original story was worth a few cheap shots (and I took them). But I'll let you be the judge. Doesn't look like "storage" for later use to me.

Almost forgot, ht: a commenter at Badger Blogger.

Update! In an e-mail, Jay Bullock points out the flags in the garbage in the pictures are not from the stadium, but from the convention hall. Apparently there's some sort of special dispensation for Democrats to completely mistreat the flag at the convention hall. Silly me, I didn't know. Of course, we still don't know why the flags at the stadium were being kept in garbage bags next to the dumpsters (excuse me, "storage"). However, I didn't know that was considered proper flag etiquette either.