Monday, September 08, 2008

Next time, go original

Welcome to the post-wedding weekend edition of the Idiot Politician of the Week.

First, let me congratulate the bride and groom. For the record, the minister kept the service reasonably short, the food at the reception was pretty good, the band was pretty good, and the Best Man did not make a toast that was terribly embarrassing or inappropriate. A good time was had by all.

Inevitably, this being the political season, politics did come up in conversation. Talking to a couple of Democratic Party types from Ohio, they were still disappointed about Hillary Clinton losing. However, the Palin pick was making them feel better about Obama. See? John McCain is a uniter, not a divider, even bringing hardcore Democrats together to feel better about their candidate.

However, none of us could figure out why Senator Barack Obama was campaigning in Terre Haute, Indiana. Even if the Senator thought Terre Haute was the 52nd or 53rd state on his list of 57, the residents still won’t be voting for him.

Perhaps small towns all look alike to him.

Maybe he was looking for Matt Carlson, former city administrator of Delafield. Carlson is suing Delafield claiming their decision not to renew his contract has damaged his professional reputation.

In the complaint, Carlson alleged he was deprived of his constitutionally protected property right in continued employment as the city’s administrator and interim treasurer; he lost his liberty interest without due process of law in violation of the Fourteenth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution; the five council members named in the suit conspired to injure him in his reputation and profession; and the city breached its employment agreement with Carlson by terminating him without cause and failing to pay him the sum of $12,019.20 for accumulated leave time that he earned in 2007.

Yep, the position and government salary were his property, and he’s suing. I promise I won’t go on a rant about city administrators…

Sometimes what Governor Doyle says is just so incredibly incredible, you gotta think it was really written by somebody else. Doyle just practices saying it with a straight face. And you would be right. It was revealed last week Governor Doyle used his state aide (a state employee) to write his speech at the Democratic National Convention (a political event).

Doyle aide Lee Sensenbrenner said he spent a couple of hours working on the speech. He said he and Doyle thought it was appropriate for Sensenbrenner, rather than a Doyle campaign worker, to do the work because Doyle was given a national stage to showcase Wisconsin.

“There are many occasions where he is representing and speaking for Wisconsin,” Sensenbrenner said. “This is part of his duties as governor. . . .

“This is him representing Wisconsin, advancing what he thinks is in the interest of people who live here.”

Doyle’s campaign paid for his travel to the convention.

If you were wondering how Doyle could say he wouldn’t raise taxes during the last campaign, now you know. I’m sure they were shocked they weren’t given the same opportunity to “showcase Wisconsin” on “a national stage” at the Republican National Convention, or was that a partisan event?

But this week’s Idiot of the Week award goes to Senator Joe Biden, Obama’s pick for Vice President. You may recall Senator Biden had an attempted run for the White House once before, but the campaign ended when it was revealed Biden stole a speech from Labour Party leader Neil Kinnock, and then it was subsequently learned Biden had other plagiarism issues.

True to form, Biden’s Idiot of the Week Award is for something completely unoriginal, adding to the stupidity. Biden has been caught exaggerating his personal risk of being hit by sniper fire on his trips overseas. Heck, if Obama had done a better job vetting his Vice Presidential candidate, he could have gone with the original sniper-fire exaggerator Senator Hillary Clinton. Maybe Obama can find a reason to “Eagleton” his running mate before Biden swipes some other stupidities from other candidates.