Friday, September 26, 2008

Is it a cheap political stunt?

I'm getting asked if I think Senator McCain's decision to "suspend" his campaign is a cheap political stunt. No, I think Senator McCain's announcement is sincere, unfortunately, and typical of the hubris and grandstanding of most of his senate career.

I think Mickey Kaus was right when he recently asked,

Do you get the impression a McCain presidency would be a bit exhausting?

I actually get the impression that both possibilities for president could be "exhausting" and wonder if Peggy Noonan was right in 2004 when she suggested the country needed a break.

I do think there was a valid point in Senator Obama and Senator McCain canceling some campaign activities to confer with the president regarding the bailout. After all, the two candidates are the de facto heads of their parties. I would note however how little anyone in congress seems willing to listen to either candidate, proving once again that every political campaign is alone on their own island.

I would note, too, that McCain's going to Washington to work on the bailout just completely misses how unpopular the bailout is. Maybe he doesn't care, but I think he's learning the hard way there is no "issue above politics".