Monday, September 22, 2008

The Cleveland Indians were a bit more grateful

Houston Astros players and Houston Astros fans are still upset over the commissioner's decision to have Milwaukee host two games rather than try to squeeze them in at the end of the season. They think playing those two games in the more Cubs-friendly Miller Park killed their playoff chances.

Selig is offering Astros fans more of an explanation than he ever gave in Milwaukee by buying a full page ad in the Houston Chronicle. The ad has been suitably mounted in gun ranges across Texas.

The Houston Chronicle, wishing to stoke the anger just a bit more, asked their on-line readers for feedback on Selig's ad. Then they ran an update:

UPDATE: Comments that contain profanity or are in poor taste will not be posted.

Hey Houston. Stop whining. At least your last All-Star game actually finished. Keep up the complaining and Bud Selig will put his daughter in charge of your team.